Friday, June 12, 2009

{privacy please}

we have a large sliding glass door in our dining/ kitchen area... i have had the dilemma of dressing the window, because the dining room is so small. this fact alone, has caused me to tap the creative juices and come up with this solution that provides privacy & beauty {at least i think}, without cutting into my "space"


i am loved this much by three of the sweetest girls to walk the planet.....

thanks a bunch sweethearts

{where's waldo}

i went to check on the girls before i slept the other night and i couldn't find kairi....

this is what i walked into.....can you find her?

here she is.....

{two of a kind}

this is a picture of cameron & ellie; keith & keifer....

our lives have run pretty parallel. they are great friends of ours and we are even blessed to have them as family. our children are close in age {except they are 1 up on us, and they have boys- we have girls} we are so blessed.... thank you so much {i kind of just like the picture}

{graduation day}

i may be a bit late, but nonetheless here is our little graduate in all her glory.

i participated in a co-op preschool system this year and enjoyed it. more than that so did kairi... she made new friends, got her creative juices rolling, and got to be a part of an organized school curriculum outside of church.

as the mothers/teachers of this co-op, we decided to hold graduation and it was a lot of fun. peggy and i were teamed up to make the caps/gown combos and it was awesome. kesslynn and peggy's son joe who is the same age helped to place the shape stickers on the tops of the "mortarboards."

we are so proud of our little graduate and all she has accomplished thus far.