Monday, April 26, 2010


this is just a quicky post of how cute the girls are in their "matchy*matchy" easter dresses.... love them....


we were able to go and attend the good ole ccf (clark county fair). it has been several years since we attended and we really enjoyed ourselves. we went on friday, before the crowds and when the weather was beautiful. the kids were so excited and ran and played to their hearts content. for kesslynn the highlight was the multiple pony rides compliments of grandpa and his wife and talon for easter. i couldn't have asked for a finer easter gift. so thanks a ton!!! for kairi the highlight was the time she got to spend with bethany a friend from a few years ago who we have missed dearly. ellie just loved spending time with grandpa, as we all did.


easter came and went and the girls enjoyed themselves and the events leading up to it.

we made these eggs from a project that we found in family fun... the girls just loved doing it.

we colored easter eggs.....

saw the easter bunny.....

had an easter egg hunt....

and had happy easter pancakes compliments of dad

of course we watched conference as well and enjoyed it too.
happy easter everyone!!!!


i know that i have posted my children's various sleeping places before, but i couldn't pass up highlighting this gem.....


ellie belly is one!!!! really?! when did that happen you ask? well actually on march 23, 2010. do you remember that day? me either- really. i went to work- i know that much, but no big deal. she is one and we had a cake and ice cream and presents. that equals a birthday in my book and quite frankly when i have as many helpers as i do, low key birthdays are a relief. anyhow.... so we celebrate as usual. ellie had her right-of-passage cake that she promptly stuck her fingers in and she liked it and licked it. on top of that she also got a new outfit and a couple of books. since her birthday we have discovered (and i think that she has realized as well) that she loves loves loves books. if we sit down with the sisters to read, ellie will pick her own book for us to read. a few other things that crack us up about ellie are these:

1* no teeth yet hahahaha
2* no hair yet hahahaha
3* she has a sweet tooth as well
4* she loves books
5* she loves her mom and dad
6* she loves her sisters- individually as well as collectively
7* she loves chocolate milk
8* she loves to play peek*a*boo
9* she loves a bath
10* she loves to spit (lucky us)