Sunday, December 27, 2009


{rachel & jeff}


{tenille & mike}


top 9 things that have occurred since i posted last.....

{1} picked apples

{2} made candy corn

{3} annual trip to the corn maize

{4} celebrated halloween

{5} celebrated thanksgiving

{6} celebrated tenille's licensure as an {LPN}

{7} obtained a crawler

{8} celebrated christmas

{9} learned to fly a fly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


some people realized i left a recent {or not so recent} update kind of, open-ended.... well we had some things in the works, and they have come through. for the past several months i have been struggling with finding my own self worth. other struggles have been placed on top of that and have taken some time to dig through. cameron used to work really long hours like 12 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week. it was killing us, him and me. after sundance closed their doors and he found a new job that doesn't allow him to work over 40 hours a week i thought things would ease for me and my mind, however they didn't. we have tried giving me one night out a week to get a break from all that the girls needed and to just figure out how to be heidi and not just "mom." this helped quite a bit, but it has been so long since i have just done what i wanted, that i had no idea what to do. i do get the chance to have dinner with friends though and that is nice. but still fulfillment eluded me. it finally slapped me upside the head what i needed to do, and i was really hesitant, but everything is working out better than i could imagine.






i love it!!!! i work one night a week in the nursery at the hospital.. rocking babies, feeding babies, changing diapers, burping babies... everything i do at home, but i get paid for it!!!! i don't really care about the pay, but the chance to get back to nursing could not feel better. i have been so lucky to get to spend the last 5 years at home with my kids, and i may be a bad mom for not finding fulfillment in being "just mom," but i needed the outlet and a chance to be "heidi." part of being me is being a nurse-- it is a part of my soul, my person---- me.... i don't know what this adventure will bring for me, but i am most grateful for the opportunity!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

(lady/kai)bug birthday

confused about the title.... well you probably are.... we call her kai-bug and she wanted a lady bug party


this week has been a lady bug party type theme

kairi celebrated her 6th birthday party and floored me with her maturity from 5 to 6 almost overnight.

here are the highlights...

ladybug pancakes compliments of her daddy

ladybug cake compliments of her mommy

birthday presents compliments of all in attendance

top ten trivia of kairi

10* loves to learn about anything especially science (volcanoes, and the way the body is designed)

9* loves to play with friends and there are plenty of them around here

8* loves junie b jones

7* loves her little sisters and is an awesome big sister

6* loves going to school, but hates to get out of bed for school (figure that one out) hehehe

5* has a great big heart and feels overwhelmed by her feelings sometimes

4* is very tech saavy (she can run the computer almost as good as i can)

3* loves to help out however she can

2* loves special time with the "special people" in her life

1* loves to *l*e*a*r*n* ( did i already mention that?) huh?

kairi i am so proud of how big you are getting and what a big girl you are.... i love you

Friday, September 11, 2009


sorry i am not very inventive right now, but sometimes, it just doesn't happen......

but a heads up on {who} these are of....

kaitlynn {cameron's sister}
james {family friend}
michael {cameron's cousin}
kairi, kesslynn & elika {my girls} *like you didn't know*

{the game of life}

the top ten things that we have done since i last posted:

10: birthdays...... my birthday, cameron's birthday, and preparing for kairi's birthday

9: rolling over.. ellie mastered rolling over and would roll everywhere

8: water activities..... primary splash park, library closing activity generally participating in water games

7: redecorating.... painted two rooms in my house-- hurray

6: kindergarten... kairi started kindergarten and loves it....

5: crazy church stuff.... parties, new stake organized, oquirrh mountain temple dedication

4: zoo.... we visited the zoo {shocker}

3: grandma greats..... in one week we visited every great grandma the girls have. it wasn't on purpose, but it was enjoyable

2: crawling.... ellie now is a crawler, i tried to talk her out of it, but true to children she didn't listen

1: pictures... check out the slide show of my favorite pictures i have recentlu taken

kind of ant-climatic, but that is how our lives are right now..... until...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

{lost but not forgotten}

whoops!! it would seem that i haven't updated in almost 2 months--- so sorry!! so keep checking back this coming week and i should have something or other posted of interest... don't anyone start thinking for one second that there is a "big announcement" or anything... my hiatus is more of finding my rhythm to life.... i'm sure there are some who can relate......

Friday, July 17, 2009

{bless this child}

we blessed our sweet ellie about a month ago. it was beautiful to have occur and always makes me feel better when my baby is blessed. we were so lucky to have all of our siblings able to attend and visit. i love both of our families and i don't know what i would do without them. anyhow, i finally go around to taking ellie's pictures in her blessing dress and so here they are showcased. also everyone should leave a comment as to their favorite and the winning picture will be posted in the sidebar.....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

{spare me the change}

june 1

july 1

sundance rv decided to close up shop recently and we had to find a new job. luckily we were able to secure one quickly. after 6 years with sundance it was like going to the first day of school all over again. will we ever grow up? probably not.... but at least most people will keep every thought that comes to their minds to themselves, and we don't have to raise our hands to be excused from the lunch table. but he does have to wear a name badge.........

Sunday, July 5, 2009


ellie found her thumb.....

by the way she sucks on it, it must be cherry flavored.....

{singing in the room}

the boys had a LAN {local area network} party at our house a few weeks ago and were rocking out to "gamer-music"  i couldn't resist taping them and really couldn't resist posting it...... welcome to my home!!!!


what do you do when you have a hankering for something and a {few} coupons to get it..... 

you splurge.... 

like this!!!!!

{happy father's day}

happy father's day to these three!!!!  even if it is late..... {better late than never}

Friday, June 12, 2009

{privacy please}

we have a large sliding glass door in our dining/ kitchen area... i have had the dilemma of dressing the window, because the dining room is so small. this fact alone, has caused me to tap the creative juices and come up with this solution that provides privacy & beauty {at least i think}, without cutting into my "space"


i am loved this much by three of the sweetest girls to walk the planet.....

thanks a bunch sweethearts

{where's waldo}

i went to check on the girls before i slept the other night and i couldn't find kairi....

this is what i walked into.....can you find her?

here she is.....

{two of a kind}

this is a picture of cameron & ellie; keith & keifer....

our lives have run pretty parallel. they are great friends of ours and we are even blessed to have them as family. our children are close in age {except they are 1 up on us, and they have boys- we have girls} we are so blessed.... thank you so much {i kind of just like the picture}

{graduation day}

i may be a bit late, but nonetheless here is our little graduate in all her glory.

i participated in a co-op preschool system this year and enjoyed it. more than that so did kairi... she made new friends, got her creative juices rolling, and got to be a part of an organized school curriculum outside of church.

as the mothers/teachers of this co-op, we decided to hold graduation and it was a lot of fun. peggy and i were teamed up to make the caps/gown combos and it was awesome. kesslynn and peggy's son joe who is the same age helped to place the shape stickers on the tops of the "mortarboards."

we are so proud of our little graduate and all she has accomplished thus far.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

{ya they're mine}

today in church we sat down for the last 10 minutes of sacrament {as is the case lately, but we are working on it} and visited with a sister in our ward who has 2 girls as her oldest children. she began to say that she had noticed that the oldest is "the bossy one' and the next one was "the ham"
i couldn't agree more-- although kairi has her cooky side, she does tend to be bossy. and as previous posts have solidified kess definitely fulfills the "ham" role. i am so grateful for all the little things that make them them.....

{hello nurse!!!}

congratulations to my little sister!!! she did it!!!

and now she joins a growing list of nurses in our family. evidently caring and compassion, poop and puke, insomnia and exhaustion run in our genes.

i am so proud of her for all her hard work!!! love you 't'.

she is now an lpn....

uncle kevin {mom's side} he's a nurse too!!!

getting her nightingale lamp

pinning ceremony

ya we got your back you lucky girl you!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

{tricky toes}

i've talked of this before- here is a video of kesslynn doing "tricky toes" don't cringe!!!

{should i be worried}

is this a sign of things to come?