Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sweetest Part

Christmas is all about the kids.... I don't care who you are, it really is.  This Christmas, Kairi set out the Traditional Milk and Cookies for Santa, but then she added her own special touch that only Kairi can add.  She added a gift to Santa for the reindeer, wrapped in a gift box was a little bell.  Then she added a note.... you'll see.  Santa, of course, responded.   Later that day, I asked what her favorite part of the day was (thinking of all the gifts she was given) and she responded "Leaving Santa a note and gift for the reindeer and having him write me back and tell me I was a good girl."  Even when she was little she was very enthusiastic about praise,  I would say that it is continuing on...... She is already trying to be her best for next year.....

Christmas Morning--- Executed

Glimpse at Christmas Morning in the Winn Household.....

Christmas Highlights

1. Making Snowflake Window Clings..... You can also see the T-shirts we made.... So Cute!!!
2. Easy as Making Cookies
3. The biggest Ward I have ever lived in!!! (And we live out in the Boonies of Vernal!!!!)
4. The Claus' Meet and Greet
5. Making Gingerbread/Graham Cracker Houses
6. Play Tee-Pee...... I love this, and so do they
7. Mrs Claus at the Library Story Hour
8. Kess got in and only came out to unwrap one gift, The only one that she couldn't open from the Car
9. Can you say Gaming is Hereditary?
10. Made an apron for both girls.... They love to cook...

The Month in a Nutshell....

"Pajama Pants Shirt"

No idea where she got this.... I sent her to get ready for bed and this is what I got..... As you can see it happened on more than one occasion....

Wee Willie Winkle.......

Maybe not that song, but Kesslynn has found her "singing voice" and she uses it.  It is so cute to hear her singing and she does it frequently.  Here is a snippet of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"