Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*** iRoq***

Betcha can't guess why.....

Because I helped create and bring


Enjoy this tidbit slide show and come back later for "the rest of the story."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

{ { {{ Happy Birthday Kessie}} } }

My current baby is 2!!!! And I can't believe it....
It took some convincing to get her here and there were so many emotions that we dealt with surrounding and during her birth. It was a hard one. But I would not change it for anything!!! She is such a blessing to our family!!!

We celebrated with a little family party that goes something like this:


:::Candle Drama:::




So there is the party!!!!

Some things about Kesslynn Leigh that are fun to talk about:

1. She loves "Dora the Explorer"
2. She is seldom clothed~ She even undressed at the doctor's office during her 2 year
old check up!!!
3. She loves to be "tricky"- her current trick is to walk on the tops of her toes
{imagine curling your toes under and walking like that}
4. She snores-- just like her dad and her sister
5. She loves to eat EVERYTHING
6. She loves her big sister and can't get enough of her
7. She has started saying "Love you too!"
8. She goes crazy at about 7pm every night- that is how I know she is tired
9. She is learning to pray and gets help from everyone
10. She loves to tell me that she is my girl

Happy Birthday Kesslynn!!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, so I don't particularly like to post about myself.... It is always much more fun to tell everyone about my girls or husband. But I figure I am getting close enough to popping that I had better catch you all up....

No Baby yet.... If I go on my own I will be surprised. I am Due March 20. I don't expect anything until at least then-- so don't stress that you missed something :: I promise you didn't.

The Baby is turned, but that is the extent of her making her way here. My doctor will probably have to hound me into having this baby, because he had to hound me into the last one. I even got induced TWICE with Kesslynn before we actually got her here. {The first time I had the induction was for my doctor's sake. He doesn't like Mama's that get too close- or go over- their due dates} So anyway.....

Baby has no name at this point and I think it will come down to a little crunch time/ pressure before we decide on one. It hasn't felt very pressing to have a name when we get there so we go with it.

As for me, I feel pretty crappy, but probably no different than anyone else. The older girls exhaust me and Kesslynn is almost 2 which is more than enough child to handle and I have Kairi on top of that. Our neighbors {the people we built our home with- convenient for us} are great to let Kairi come play and have really been the friends we knew they would be when we were building. My misery at this point is nothing that is abnormal for anyone as far along as me and I expect no sympathy- Just be aware that my fuse is short and I don't answer the phone or the door for that matter when I feel like this to spare others my wrath.... {I am afraid that when my fuse is this short my emotions tend to override my reasoning and when they clash anyone in my way should beware}

So go ahead- come visit me I Dare Ya!!!!! J/K..... Keep watching the blog, I'll post when we pop!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy "GETTING MUCH OLDER" Birthday Dave!!!!!


We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love you- Heidi, Kairi, Kesslynn and Cameron