Wednesday, June 9, 2010


talon has limited what i can put on the blog concerning his graduation, but i'll put a few on here anyway.....

talon graduated from mvhs a bout a week ago, said good-bye to the valley :( and moved to vernal :). we love him tons...

kessie's new bike

once there was a pretty girl who wanted a new bike.

she worked and worked and worked

and so did her dad

until one day

she finally earned it!!!!


just a little sumpin, sumpin.....

$10 +

Dollar Tree+

Glue Gun=

we also have an ongoing project here complete with follow-up reaction. stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Billie Goats Gruff

kai brought home this and we decided to make a little video....

Family Picture Time

What is a blog without the highlights of our family pictures? Sooooo..... here they are in all their glory!!! I love them, and I love the pictures of the kids!!! Thanks Melinda!!!