Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kairi & The Very Scary Fall

On Friday, we had a very scary day.... I had a friend/family member over for lunch and she had brought her 3 boys. Kairi and the kids were all playing in her room. Peggy and I were both down in the kitchen making lunch when we heard a loud *BANG* and then the all-too-normal loud scream of Kairi. Peggy and I both took off running to go see what the matter was and found Kairi on the floor screaming! One look at her arm and I knew exactly what the matter was...... it was broken. Good thing Peggy was here, I swooped up Kairi, told Peggy Thanks and ran out the door to get Kairi to the hospital. Now mind you I am very calm writing this, and one might think that, being a nurse, I would have stayed calm. However, SHEER PANIC, only begins to describe how I felt. My mind was racing and at the time, all I could be was her MOM!!! I raced to the hospital doing 60 in a 35 ( no tickets thank you). Something about seeing your child in pain, and her arm in a very unnatural position tends to override any sense of logic I had. Anyhow... We only waited a moment before the doctor saw her and they too knew it was broken. Then the waiting game began. Because she is so young, they knew she would need to be sedated in order to set her arm. They like the Orthopaedic Surgeon to do this, and he was right in the middle of a case. And had another one lined up after that. So he told us that it would be about 6 more hours (and he was right) before we would get to leave. So we waited.....and waited.....and waited.. We watched Shrek, finished reading the Wizard of Oz, watched Dora, and Kairi took a short nap. She was amazing. She didn't have ANY pain medication all day, because if she needed it she would have had to have an IV. She didn't even need pain medication after they set the bone. I gave her some for insurance sake that night (I and She needed some sleep for sure). Anyhow she is well. She is not complaining of her arm and is being such a trooper about everything. I think she gets tired a little more easily, but that is to be expected. Sooooo... we got souvenirs while at the ER and got a copy of her x-rays and here they are in all their glory:

Our New Crib!!!!!!

Hahahaha!!!!! I am so gangsta now!!!! Or not. Anyway, by popular demand here are the pictures of our new house which is in disarray given the week we have had!!!!!! But that is another post!!!! We love the house and are so very happy with it. We are working to spend some money that we had left on the loan to use in the yard and a good majority of it we have spent. We have a few more items that we are working to upgrade, but that is about all at this point.

Front of the House: Do you like the Church Bench? It is a project in progress, I will show you pictures of it as it transforms.

Backyard: Interesting story as to why it is terraced. To keep it short, lets just say that in the beginning, the footers were showing, and this was the best idea I could come up with to keep the land usable, without a HUGE expense. I think the walls turned out great.

Family Room: Love this room!!!! Plus it lets us have fun without disturbing the sleeping baby!!!!!

Kitchen: I love cooking in here!!! There is so much room, and I have a ton of Cabinet space!!!

Spare Bedroom: Great for Company

Our Room: Where the Magic Happens, J/K Very Boring indeed!!!!

Kairi's Room: The infamous BunkBed...... (Refer to The Post) You'll know!!!!

Kesslynn's Room: Nothing Exciting happens here, except the Diaper Changing (if you consider that exciting)

Bathroom: I love the Shower curtain!!!!!

"Blacky's Home: Can you spot her latest "Gift?"

Upon moving in we adopted a new pet, however due to her nature, we very rarely see her. She is affectionately known as "Blacky" and shows her love to us for not squishing her by leaving us presents about once a week of offspring. Unfortunately, we don't like these presents, and so we kill them... but she is not detered. If anyone knows anything about me you would realize that since "Blacky" is a Black Widow she is indeed very lucky to still be alive since I HATE spiders. Crying, shivers, hair-standing-on-end etc normally accompany my encounters with any spider as does finding someone ASAP to kill the thing. Anyhow, she stays in her space, outside, and I stay away from her- and we lead a fairly decent existence in the same sphere.

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I hope everyone had a great 4th!!!!! I love the fireworks!!!!

Tenille & the Triathlon

Tenille, my favorite little sister, is amazing.... She ran the running portion of a triathlon splitting the swimming and biking with two other ladies from her work. I am so impressed by her. She did so good and even better, Dad, Sarah and the boys were here to help cheer her on as well. It was so much fun to see her do it!!!!

Hand-off station.... Tenille is the last leg

Here she comes! Finishing off the race for her team!!!!

Tenille (Running), Jan (Swimming), and Kat (Biking)

Tenille & her Medal for the "DinoTri"

Tenille & a VERY TALL Man

Dave and Kesslynn

Dave this picture is completely for you, however it is so DANG CUTE.... that I thought the rest of the world would enjoy it!!!!!!