Friday, February 13, 2009

How Fancy are You?

We are this Fancy:

We read Fancy Nancy {during our Tea Party}. How Divine!
{that's a fancy way of saying "wonderful"}

We learned to curtsy.
{that's a fancy way of saying "bow"}

We had tea and cookies
{that's a fancy way of saying "punch and goodies"}

Finally, we made exquisite Valentine's Boxes
{that's a fancy way of saying "pretty"}

All in all, we had a Divine time!!!

{If you have a little girl--- prepare for a Fancy Nancy habit... It is great fun!!!}

<< Rock It Out, Kairi!!! >>

Kairi and Kesslynn totally jammin' out to "Punk Rock Princess" {Something Corporate} and "Basketball" {Babe the Blue Ox}.....

Punk Rock Princess {above}

Basketball {below}

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Logandale Chapel Burns....

I am at a loss for words, at the pictures and videos that are being released regarding this. There are many happy memories to be remembered in this place. One of which is that I was baptized and confirmed in this building. I will never forget that it was the Stake House for all of my growing up years and then the New Stake Center was built about the time I was 14. I didn't realize the history of it, but I always new it was special. Visit this link and witness a small part of my life before......

As more and more comes out about the fire, I am stunned by the historical significance and the deep history that this building carried in my hometown.  Here is a history of the Logandale Chapel that I found on {the local newspaper}... Read it if you like.... the history is impressive