Friday, August 26, 2011


evidently i dropped off the planet for about 6 months, but i'm back though my posts are just going to be short little snippets. but it is updated!!!!

{Lucian Lee}

My brother and his sweet wife had their first child the end of July. Little Lucian is so sweet and beautiful. I wish we lived closer so that we could be his buddy all the time. Congratulations Dave & Sarah!!


i swear the summer could not have gone any faster than it has this year. but we have had had so much fun. this year uintah rec had a free summer in the park with activities almost every day! couple that with free school lunch for 6 weeks, and we have been gone. we have also had fun at home, gone to family reunions x2 and met up with friends. it has been a great summer, and now we are ready for a great fall..


for easter we did our traditional easter stuff! though this year we did try a different technique for "dying" our easter eggs. This year we decided to try using crayons and crayon shavings. i have to say that it worked VERY well!!! we all enjoyed the change from the usual!

the girls easter morning

shaved crayon "dying"

ellie "dying" her eggs

kairi "dying" her egg

kesslynn working hard

{kesslynn is 4}

crazy how time flies when you are having fun... and blinking. My Kessie turned four in March. I know I am ultra late on posting this, but I'm trying and it counts! She got to have a birthday party for friends this year and had her little friends from church and preschool join us. They played "duck, duck, goose!"

had a pinata and cake and presents.

She loved it and as you can see still played the part of the diva ;)