Monday, March 22, 2010

*crazy kessie hair*

i know i have blogged about "crazy kessie hair" in the past, but we have had a recent development that will {hopefully} improve the situation.

about a month ago i noticed that kess had a ton of new hair growth- and it was out of control. the more i tried to do her hair, the crazier it seemed to be.

after a while, i noticed that it was all curly. in fact i noticed all the new hair growth was curly- just her baby hair was not. weird i know.

well today i took her to get her hair cut and i love it- she loves it- cameron loves it!!!!

"avon calling"

ellie thinks that it is awesome to talk on the phone...

in her head it goes something like "jababababbabab hahahahahahahaha jabababyayayababababa {repeat}"

i finally caught her doing it on camera.

it is so funny, because this is the most that you hear her talk -ever-

Saturday, March 13, 2010

don't ask don't tell

there is a don't ask don't tell policy at our house

i'm going to let you figure the missing pieces out yourselves

but this is how we wished mikey a happy birthday

i even had fun making them

{tidbit of info: i melted chocolate chips and followed

a pattern to make the symbols. this technique makes

short work of big decorating projects with *awesome*

results. want more info? email/message me and i'll give

ya the d.l.


my coolness factor bottomed out

bit the big one


and i couldn't be happier.

we now sport 2 {count them 1 + 1= 2} extra seats

cargo space


a new payee each month

but i'm okay with it

cause i've got a new ride......

i'm a v*i*p in my fam*i*ly....

does anyone else remember that song....

well kairi was the v*i*p of her class the middle of february. so

myself and the sisters went to kairi's class and shared pictures and

stories and funny stuff about kairi. kai ate up the attention. her

classmates shared very nice things about her. she came away in awe

the many friendships she has as well as a huge sense of importance

about herself.....

i'm a v*i*p you see.

i'm a v*i*p in my fam*i*ly

and that's a pretty good thing to be...

::school's out::

one day there was no school.

for a couple of days to be exact.

i needed my kids entertained.

i imagined i was not the only one.

we invited the neighborhood kids for a few hours.

everyone wins....

*calling the tooth fairy*

i think i have mentioned before my difficulty in getting kairi to keep her eyes open during indoor pictures, but this is the best picture i have, so we will work with it. we have recently been visited by the tooth fairy- twice to be exact.

kairi has been losing teeth... no surprise there {she is 6 for crying out loud} but i just didn't realize that i had a child who was old enough to lose teeth. i know this sounds stupid, but really? i know my age.. i know what it says about me.. but i don't feel it and so this came as a surprise. especially since the adult teeth started coming in unbeknownst to me and i didn't clue into it until the adult tooth was already through and pushing her bottom teeth around. i hauled her to the dentist to have him pull it and he sent me {& her} promptly back home to let nature take it's course. so we let it {aided by her father who just can't resist making "someone" bleed hahahaha} needless to say the tooth fairy visit yielded this girl 5 bucks for the first tooth and 4 quarters for the second....
i must have gotten a different tooth fairy, because i was exstatic with 50 cents...... or maybe it is inflation.....


today is my kessie*bessie's third birthday

she is so excited
she went through lowe's with us saying:
"birfday girl here. it's my birfday"
and to anyone who would ask:
"today i'm thfree"

we celebrated with a new dress

the standard family party complete with:

a few presents
{thanks for the new dresses and very few "toys"- we've had our fill}

a rainbow "birfday" cake
{this is the highlight of their birthday's for me...}

a rousing rendition of "happy birthday"
{in which she helped sing to herself, hahahahaha}

she couldn't be happier....

  • some fun things about kessie*bessie
  • she loves dresses {not kidding: i counted the ones in her closet tonight- there are 26!!!! not including the ones in the laundry!!!}
  • she takes on different personas *dora *millie *minnie *june {some she even has a monologue memorized for}
  • she has a sweet tooth that includes sweets for breakfast * lunch * and dinner
  • she loves to dance
  • she loves to sing
  • she loves nursery
  • she loves ellie*belly and kai*kai
  • she loves bunny rabbits
  • she loves to jump and climb and run
  • she is potty*training {finally}
  • she loves to be loved {hugs and kisses abound}
  • we love her so very much and can't believe how wonderful the past thfree years have been with her....