Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Bells

Luckily they aren't mine. That happened a few years ago. Cameron's younger sister (she is #3 of 4) got married on Friday and I was asked to do the pictures. I dabble in it a little bit and enjoy it immensely. Here are some of my favorites enjoy and let me know what you think of them. I don't think they are too bad... Especially for a small town girl from Southern Nevada. Enjoy!!!

Update: House

So the topic of conversation for everyone I meet these days is our house. We are finally making progress on it, which is refreshing. No word yet on when they will let us move in, but Cameron is shooting for the end of September and I highly applaude the idea. There is still quite a bit to do, but we are making progress. The electrical is nearly done and so is the plumbing. The shingling is nearly done and we are more than halfway on the siding. Up next is the Heating, Venting, & AC. So we just keep going, because there is still a lot to do and we are ready to have it done.

A change will do ME good....

So after MUCH contemplation and a little gentle prodding, I decided the time had come for a change. My life has been in a bit of an uproar lately and I was in all to big of a need for a HUGE change. So here it is 12 1/2 inches of hair that I shed in about 5 seconds and then she did the finish work on shaping and beautifying me. I love my new hair cut. Plus there are so many added bonuses- no more baby pulling/eating my hair, no more ponytails, no more tangles (okay less tangles), no more fighting the hair, the baby and the diaper bag and I could go on and on...... 2 1/2 years of hair growth.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Introducing: Kesslynn

Kesslynn is now 5 months old. What a girl!!! She continues to be bald as you can see, but she doesn't seem to care. Evidently the less hair the more mobile you can be (aerodynamics, I think is what it is.) She has been mastering the art of rolling over and getting up on all fours for the eventful day when she will crawl. I'm afraid it will be anyday now. She is also getting down the whole eating food thing and couldn't be happier. Right now the current favorite is applesauce. Her current hate is peaches!!!!

Introducing: Kairi

Kairi is our 3 1/2 year old. The 1/2 is SO very important as she will tell you. At this point in life, she is as busy as can be. She is on the go non-stop and is always asking me "where we are going today," and "after we do that, what will we do, Mom?" Needless to say I am a not-so-stay-at-home mom. She is also learning like crazy. She loves to learn!!! Right now she is figuring out how to read-- at three!!! I would like to think I had something to do with it, but I'm afraid it is the girl not the environment. Plus she asks a ton of questions!!!!! That is our Kairi in a nut-shell.