Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!

Well..... I am trying to get at least one picture to work, but I'm not sure how that is going to go. Anyhow, big breaking news time. Although most either know, or suspect. Yup, baby #3 is on it's way. We are expecting another baby GIRL on March 20. Hence the long wait between posting, and such. We all know that it takes time to get back to feeling yourself, and that coupled with Kairi's arm, moving, and then pregnancy really has slowed me down. Anyhow, glad to know that I am joining good company..... Congrats to everyone else that is expecting.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

So out of Order

Unfortunately.... I think that is the theme of my life right now, however-- I am trying. It has taken us awhile to get back on track after the move, but I'm trying so please forgive the sporaticism and such..... Don't give up on me yet, cause I'm not quite done.

Kairi's 5-year-old photo shoot

I took Kairi out to have her picture's taken for her birthday.  I hate taking the girls to Wal-Mart to get pictures, and can't afford to pay someone to take them for me, so I just did it myself.  We spent the morning doing this and got some fun shots, she even got to change clothes and locations!!!! She loved it and I loved the pictures.  We even got a few good ones of Kesslynn, despite how quickly she was moving!!!

Kairi the Cook

Kairi helped with dinner a few nights ago!!!! This was wonderful for me to not have to do all the work.  She made this pizza by herself.  I just mixed up the dough.  She proceeded to roll it to fit the pan, top it with sauce, cheese and bacon (we didn't have any pepperoni, but bacon is always a hit around here) and gave it to me to bake.  I couldn't have been prouder.  Since that day she has been helping a LOT more with dinner, cutting up vegetables and mixing things I need.  I am impressed with her culinary skills.... must be in the genes (hahahahahaha!)

Funny Kessie

Here is some video of Kesslynn doing what Kesslynn does----being silly. She never ceases to entertain and is always getting us to giggle, even if it is just with a face. Enjoy!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kairi is 5!!!!!!!!

Lucky girl that Kairi..... She got two birthday parties. We did one the night of her birthday, and then she had a friend one. The pictures from her friend party are on another card, and so I will have to get them on another time. Her birthday party with family was a lot of quiet fun and so things went well. She got a beautiful jewelry box that sang, a great book about Heavenly Father, and a bike. This lasted until her friend birthday party when she was innundated with gifts. The Barbie Mariposa Birthday cake is what I made for her for her friend birthday party, everything else is from the family birthday party.


The little guy Hanging in the "J"

The annual Butterfly watch has come and gone in our household, but we do have a few pictures. This year's caterpillar was within days of changing when we got him, so we had to work fast. I didn't take as many pictures, and there are none of the finished product, but we did receive a finished product which was wonderful. Kesslynn was so excited for all the changes that took place. I know she didn't understand the whole "change" thing, but she did enjoy it.

Kokanee Salmon Run

Every year it is always fun to go up the mountain and go see the Kokanee Salmon as they prepare to spawn. This year was no exception and it was fun to see the fall colors. Top it all off with a family picnic in the mountains and my girls were in heaven......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kairi Got Her Cast OFF!!!!!!



Kairi finally got her cast off on September 4. She has been sooooo happy to have it off. I tried to get a video of her actually getting it off, but Kesslynn screamed through the whole thing, and so I skipped the video and dealt with the child who had NOTHING HAPPENING TO HER. Anyhow, she was very concerned about her sister and it was sweet. Kairi is now busy exercising her arm so that it will be back to as strong as it was before. I have noticed no residual effects and she is doing well.

First Day of Preschool

In the Uintah Basin, children have to be 5 by September 1 in order to attend Kindergarten. This is especially frustrating when your child's birthday is, oh say, SEPTEMBER 23. She was so ready too. Anyhow, I anticipated that this would be happening for her and for me, so my friend Peggy, (big thanks to you) told me about a Preschool group she was doing and asked if I wanted to join. Long story short-- I did, and Kairi started Preschool and has had a wonderful time doing so. She has made friends doing so and intricately knows everyone's relationship to each other and how they ended up in the group. I just love that she has something going that allows her to have fun, be social, and be creative without me feeling like I need to be there. How refreshing!!!!

Funny Kessie.....

Hope you all have fun tilting your heads as you look at these lovely pictures, but whatever.... Awhile back, Cameron bought a camelpack to take with him, when he went biking. Well when he gets home the girls love to play with it. As you can see, Kesslynn has figured out how to work it and will drink SO much water from it. It is cute to see her wear it all over the house and sucking water from it. Especially when the pack is as big as she is!!!!!

Another favorite pastime she has is to wear her dad's socks on her arms!!!! Funny girl!!!! Funniest part about it is that I have a similar picture of Kairi doing the exact same thing, I wonder if it is genetic?

Cameron is 30!!!!!!

Okay people, I am going to post a picture at the end of this post of the birthday cake I got Cameron for his 30th birthday...... However, I will warn you..... some may not approve!!!! I am not worried about that so much as he enjoyed getting it and it made him happy. He has struggled a bit to turn thirty, but I think he wears it well. And since I am his wife I can brag him up as to the accomplishments he has in his thirty years...

1. He married ME (of course this is number 1 :-)
2. Two beautiful girls
3. A House he built with his own two hands
4. College education.... with no debt incurred
5. He is still wearing clothes he wore in high school (not financial necessity, so much as
bragging rights)
6. A great job that takes care of us
7. Temple Marriage
8. Eagle Scout

These aren't all, but I feel these are things to be proud of that not everyone can accomplish.
Anyhow, his day was very low key (especially with the number 30 attached) I planned a little surprise party, but only one person was here on time and Cameron got home early from work, so I knew it was ruined. It didn't matter though, I think he was still surprised and he enjoyed it. Happy Birthday, Cameron!!!!! (Aug 28)