Sunday, September 27, 2009

(lady/kai)bug birthday

confused about the title.... well you probably are.... we call her kai-bug and she wanted a lady bug party


this week has been a lady bug party type theme

kairi celebrated her 6th birthday party and floored me with her maturity from 5 to 6 almost overnight.

here are the highlights...

ladybug pancakes compliments of her daddy

ladybug cake compliments of her mommy

birthday presents compliments of all in attendance

top ten trivia of kairi

10* loves to learn about anything especially science (volcanoes, and the way the body is designed)

9* loves to play with friends and there are plenty of them around here

8* loves junie b jones

7* loves her little sisters and is an awesome big sister

6* loves going to school, but hates to get out of bed for school (figure that one out) hehehe

5* has a great big heart and feels overwhelmed by her feelings sometimes

4* is very tech saavy (she can run the computer almost as good as i can)

3* loves to help out however she can

2* loves special time with the "special people" in her life

1* loves to *l*e*a*r*n* ( did i already mention that?) huh?

kairi i am so proud of how big you are getting and what a big girl you are.... i love you

Friday, September 11, 2009


sorry i am not very inventive right now, but sometimes, it just doesn't happen......

but a heads up on {who} these are of....

kaitlynn {cameron's sister}
james {family friend}
michael {cameron's cousin}
kairi, kesslynn & elika {my girls} *like you didn't know*

{the game of life}

the top ten things that we have done since i last posted:

10: birthdays...... my birthday, cameron's birthday, and preparing for kairi's birthday

9: rolling over.. ellie mastered rolling over and would roll everywhere

8: water activities..... primary splash park, library closing activity generally participating in water games

7: redecorating.... painted two rooms in my house-- hurray

6: kindergarten... kairi started kindergarten and loves it....

5: crazy church stuff.... parties, new stake organized, oquirrh mountain temple dedication

4: zoo.... we visited the zoo {shocker}

3: grandma greats..... in one week we visited every great grandma the girls have. it wasn't on purpose, but it was enjoyable

2: crawling.... ellie now is a crawler, i tried to talk her out of it, but true to children she didn't listen

1: pictures... check out the slide show of my favorite pictures i have recentlu taken

kind of ant-climatic, but that is how our lives are right now..... until...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

{lost but not forgotten}

whoops!! it would seem that i haven't updated in almost 2 months--- so sorry!! so keep checking back this coming week and i should have something or other posted of interest... don't anyone start thinking for one second that there is a "big announcement" or anything... my hiatus is more of finding my rhythm to life.... i'm sure there are some who can relate......