Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{dino time}

Last year, we started reading the Book of Mormon as a family. Now before anyone goes off about how "good" we are {because heaven-forbid we are "good"} you must know we read one verse per person per night. Sometimes we miss a night, but for the most part we are consistent. Anyhow, for a reward for finishing 1 Nephi, we, as a family chose to do something fun.  In fact with each milestone we meet, there is a reward. This was a big deal to me and Cameron that we decided to do something REALLY fun. We had a family reunion scheduled for the end of July in Duck Creek, so we worked really hard and reached our goal. Our reward- a trip to the Dinosaur Museum in Price. We had a fantastic time! They have great fossils to explore as well as history. The girls enjoyed the whole thing! They are very familiar with Dinosaurs as we live in "Dinosaurland." We frequent the museum here as much as we can, but there is something to be said about seeing what other Dinosaur Museums have to offer. It has been nearly a year now since we went, but it is still engrained in the girls {and my} minds as a really fun time. It has also given us the motivation to keep reading. The girls now remind us about scriptures every night and I will bet money, that we haven't missed a night in a LONG time. 

 Cameron quite enjoys finding the most interesting ways to entertain himself while we do this kind of thing. I am so glad I have him!!!!
It has been a long time tradition for Cameron and I to take a picture of the two of us in a Dinosaur Museum!!! Here is our latest addition to our collection.