Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Kait?! Married?!}

It seems like only yesterday I met Kait. She was a tiny little 7 year old with a sweet little voice and not much to say to her older brother's new girlfriend. I remember sitting in the living room of her home visiting once and trying to talk to her and her sisters. Really they don't have much to say to a girl who is dating their brother. As time grew on and I became a more permanent fixture in the family, conversation did evolve- thankfully!! {Because I don't think I could have stuck it out if Cameron's sisters couldn't talk to me!} Now she is all grown up and graduated from high school, educated, and MARRIED!!!! Holy crap!!! Okay now that my age is showing.....

Kaitlynn & Garrett married in the Vernal Utah Temple recently. I don't want to be too specific, because lets face it- there are creepers out there!!!!

I got to do her bridals, and I had a lot of fun doing them!! Kaitlynn is super laid back and a no-fuss girl, so we kept is simple!!! She looked beautiful, but more than that, she IS happy!! Congratulations!!!

You may be wondering why I posted this picture. Well there is a perfectly good explanation for it. You see Cameron likes to tease his mom. So he took a bunch of crappy pictures {the subjects are not crappy- at least this pictures subjects aren't, the thermostat on the other hand.....} with my camera at the reception for his mom to have... Sorry Kathy, I can only do so much!

These two sweethearts, are Ellie (L) and Ava (R). They are 6 months apart in age, and love to play with each other until they get tired of one another. I couldn't help posting this duo! I have a similar picture from many many many years ago at Marissa's wedding when the littlies are Kairi and Brooklynn. Oh how time flies!

Kathy, Cameron's mom, made the cake. She found a recipe for fondant on Pinterest {Oh how I love Pinterest!!! Another day... another day....} and she made the cake. I think she did a fantastic job on it!!!

I couldn't help posting this one.... Sorry Jenna. Kathy: this one is headed your way, compliments of Cameron.