Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Some more firsts}

I forgot to include a few new firsts for Kairi! She has been riding a little bike that we got for her 5th birthday. Last year I promised her a new bike when she would learn to ride without training wheels. I don't know why we waited so long, but it is just how it happened. Any way she pulled it off last summer and so this spring we went to Wal-Mart and she picked out this beauty for her bike. It took her some learning, but she finally mastered this bike and she is now just one of the kids that pack up and ride around the neighborhood!

She also began piano lessons this year from our sweet neighbor down the street. She practiced hard and was able to perform in a competition that awarded her a "Superior" rating. She was so excited at how well she did. One thing I learned about this girl is that she works well under pressure!!!
Congratulations Bugga!!!


Chandra said...

Hooray! You're back! So I have so much to say about all your pictures but I'll keep it to a minimum...
Congratulations on Kairi's baptism! I love her excited look. Kesslynn looks adorable in The Nutcracker! I love that you take family pictures. We haven't taken any for way too long and I love the yellow on your girls, plus I love the one of them laughing together. Seriously, when did Cameron become so funny? The pumpkins?! Seriously between that pic and Billy Bob I can't stop laughing. So fun to get a glimpse of your last year. If you and the kids get bored this summer and need a mini vacation I know a great bed and breakfast that will include a trip to the zoo for free... just sayin :)