Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Family photo-op}

We once again got family pictures this year. We had an addition and needed to keep things current, so I just chose a few. There are more available- I will tell you where if you ask {and I know you} Anyway.... This picture of Cameron and his sisters is Fan-freaking-tastic! I love all of them. I love Cameron, obviously, but his sisters are fantastic! They are the sweetest most caring and ecclectic collection of women I know. I am grateful everyday for the wonderful women that marrying Cameron has given me, plus I love him too.

We also got our own family pictures done. I think this one is my favorite at this point, but I'm still stressing about the way I look. Vain I know. I thought I would love love love red hair, but since seeing myself in my pictures it is definitely time to revert to the dark side. I always did like that side better anyway. hahahahaha I saw a  t-shirt once that said "Come to the dark side. We have cookies." I am also still getting used to the braces thing, and that is a little weird to see. But once those suckers are off (t-18 months)we are getting a new family picture. It of course will include my dark hair. :) As for the rest of my family, did you see how beautiful my daughters are?! Eeekkk! Cameron and I are in trouble with these beauties!