Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Whenever the fall comes, I start to fall in love. I fall in love with Cameron all over again as we first met and later married in the fall. I fall in love with our little family as our first daughter was born in the fall and I fall in love with Vernal all over again as it shows how beautiful the close of summer is. Fall always comes with so much to do! Of course it involves the Corn Maze and our annual trip. This year, we had the added bonus of bringing my sister with us! She has lived in Vernal for 5 almost 6 years now and up until this point she had NEVER been to the corn maze. Seeing her faces was awesome and I am glad she lives close enough to share the fun with!!!

Speaking of traditions, Cameron is buried in the corn house EVERY YEAR! He always comes home and finds corn in interesting places, but he is always this happy to play with the girls

What is the Corn Maze without the awesome food!!! Fair food all the way!!! Nachos, chili, and who can forget the Kettle Corn!! Love it!!

Tenille also decided to try her luck in the Corn House! I'm not sure if the money isn't what they bribed her with to let them bury her in the corn. Though if the girls know their Aunt at all, they would know she is game no matter what!!!

For the first time since having kids, we opted to go THROUGH the Corn Maze. The weather was beautiful, and Tenille had to experience the WHOLE thing. Plus I wasn't having to figure out how to cart a stroller through here....

Who can forget the goats!!! They are always a highlight to feed. I filled my pockets with quarters, and the girls went to town. The goats were very agreeable too!!!

Tenille opted to go for a ride on the Cow train! Her faces and antics always crack me up!!!

As a highlight, we always take the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and choose pumpkins. Some of us like to be creative in our choices, but I'm not naming names {Cameron}

The view of the Corn Maze!

I definitely cannot talk about the fall without mentioning the fact that my husband went over and above this year to become "Billy Bob." Complete with a mullet, torn too-tight jeans, pot belly, plaid shirt, jacked-up teeth and attitude. He kept up with the persona ALL-DAY and managed to win a second place in the annual ARMC costume contest winning a pair of movie tickets. In the end he does maintain that he felt robbed and really should have won. Oh well!!! There is always next year!!!