Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{it's GREAT to be 5}

My Kess is 5!!! Holy Crap!!! This year have brought her a whole new level of life. She knows she is going to school with Kairi in the fall and she knows that she is big enough to do things by herself. She loves to be independent, but then on the flip side she will dictate every step of independence to you as you are sitting there or directly following her recent independent adventure.
This year she wanted a birthday party with her friends that included a rainbow birthday cake and a unicorn pinata. It is always fun to watch them come into their own. Happy Birthday Kessie!!!!

I like to go overboard on my kids birthdays. Kesslynn had a family birthday party and a friend birthday party. So she also got 2 birthday cakes. This one was for her family birthday party and then she got a rainbow layered birthday cake for her friend party.

We were also pleasantly surprised to have Dave, Sarah, Lucian, Gizmo, and Famous come and visit as well!!! The girls always love to have them visit and this was an added bonus for Kesslynn's partying!

Like I said before.... It's GREAT to be 5!