Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{The 'Ster}

I am admitting things on the blog today, that I probably won't admit to again. Just be forwarned. This is me and my 'ster. She is the best-est of all time!!! It's funny, but people say we look like twins! I think this is very nice of people to say, but she may not. Anyway, in the years growing up I was NOT a nice sister. I would be the first to sell you out to cover my own hide, I was eager to not have my siblings around, because my own insecurities made it so that I felt embarrassed by them. They never did anything embarrassing, but I didn't want to be the girl whose little brothers and sisters tagged along with her. I was afraid people wouldn't want me around. My own insecurities robbed me of some VERY precious time with my siblings. As I neared flying out on my own, I started to glimpse how much I would miss them. I remember my Senior Year of high school I started hanging out with them more, taking them places and doing things with them. After everything I did to them, they loved me still and wanted to be my friend. They still recall my NOT Nice sister days, but they also remember the Burger King runs and the days at the lake.  I am grateful for their memories. I later moved out, married and relocated separating myself further from them, however unintentional. Then the day came that we all grew up! Some of it was forced based on circumstance and some of it was a result of time. Over the last 10 years or so, I have to say I have gained a greater appreciation for the family my Father in Heaven blessed me with. They are my rock, my humor, my anchor and my best friends. I wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone at this point in my life, and I am no longer embarrassed to have them tag along, because truth be told, they are my friends forever and into the Eternities.
Love you all!!!!